Welcome to our Innovation Awards series, where we give you the 101 on each of our six BizDojo resident businesses from across New Zealand who were finalists in the 2017 Innovation Awards. Today we are giving you the quick rundown on CoLiberate! Curious about other innovation award nominees that call Dojo home? Then be sure to check out our piece all about BizDojo Christchurch business - Anteater, or our piece on the innovative world of toothbrushes with James Hurman or get your Squawk on with our Squawk Squad piece here. 

It seems that 2017 has been a year for conversations about Mental Health in New Zealand. Questions about what we are doing, what we aren't doing, what people are facing, how they are facing it are bubbling to the surface. The conversations have played out between friends, in the press, in the lead-up to the election and as we close out Mental Health Month here in New Zealand, the conversation feels more present than ever. 

For CoLiberate, these conversations are ones they have daily in order to feed into their action - creating avenues for people to access toolkits, help and learning around the topic of mental wellness. 

"CoLiberate is a Wellington-based organisation on this mission to enable all NZer’s to thrive! We are creating a wellness revolution, by eliminating the stigma around mental illness and supporting our community to value their mental fitness as much as their physical fitness." 

People can book in an emotional workout at their gym and workplaces can utilise their Mindwork Bootcamp, Mindfulness 101 workshops or engage in one to one personal training for your mental health. The CoLiberate crew are also the official Wellington providers of the Mental Health First Aid Certificate.

"It's a 2-day course where you are trained to recognise and respond to mental health challenges, and at the end, you come out with a certificate that is valid for two years." 

You can find CoLiberate co-founders Jody, Bop, and Sarah amongst the community of BizDojo Wellington, or in their studio! 

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